Sunday, 26 May 2013

Goodbye Bangor

So I'm about to leave Bangor (it's in Wales) which is where I've mostly been living for the past 3 years, I've been studying for a Psychology degree and it's been 3 very interesting and sometimes emotional 3 years! It has honestly been the best place for me to go to university, it's a small very student orientated town and you can always go out on the cheap! Adding to that is the beautiful scenery of mountains, menai river and the sea which makes me feel pretty lucky to have had the chance to live with all that on my doorstep.

Might miss this view just a little.
I think I came to Bangor unsure about what I really wanted for my life, I'd already taken a year out to consider whether I really wanted to come to university or not (so glad I did) and the first year was definitely the typical student out all the time, hardly studying lifestyle. Second year brought housemate troubles and a whole lot of emotional times, which made me feel quite lost at times. But this final year has been the best, I feel like I've grown up, had a brilliant year with amazing people, and hopefully getting the degree I want at the end of it. I am slightly scared about the future but I'm excited to see what happens, hopefully I'll look back on this post in a year and think how silly I was to feel scared!

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