Saturday, 29 March 2014

I don't know about you...but I'm feeling 23?

So it was my birthday last week! and I turned the grand old age of 23! I'm not someone who really wants to go all out and spend a week celebrating my birthday but I do like to have a night out to celebrate (any excuse!) It was a really fun night out and we ended up going to several places around Leeds, Verve, Lloyds and Players. I wore my Misguided Bonitta Origami Mini Dressfor the night and a pair of black strappy primark shoes. I do love the dress but I think it would look a million times better on my when I have a tan because it's such a pale pink and i'm pretty pale at the moment! (camera flash doesn't help either! haha)

Few snaps from the night :) 

On a more serious note I guess turning 23 has made me really sit down and look at my life and what i've managed to do nearly a year after finishing uni (and possible one of the best years of my life). It's hard to admit to yourself that you aren't exactly happy, don't get me wrong I have some good nights out and fun times but if i'm sat alone and really think, I'm not happy with where I am. I guess it could be the shock (it is a shock imo) of finishing university and having  good set of friends, house and little life set up and then moving back home and really having to start again. 

New house, new job, new friends. It's all a bit of a whirlwind and it takes a lot of effort, I'm not the most social person so it's really daunting to me to try and push myself to get out there and meet people in a big city like Leeds. I feel a bit small and unnoticed, i've been really lucky with work and having lots of nice girls who are my own age but i'd like to build on that and have a really strong base of good friends. Most days I go to work, come home and don't speak too/see anyone until I go to work again- I'd love to have a group to just hang at the pub with random week nights (ah uni I miss those times). 

I feel like I should be doing so much more, have to much more of my life together. I guess it's a "grass is greener" type thinking but it does get me down. Just going to try and concentrate on the things I can get and the things I can do to move my life to a happier place.Which leads me to my final question for you guys reading! anyone know of any good clubs/hobby ideas to get out and meet people my own age?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Where I lay my Head (Room!)

I'm not going to lie, I was extremely dubious of making this post because my room isn't the best. I live in a pretty ugly house because it's what my wage allows! This isn't going to be a post with lovely decore because frankly I had nothing to do with any of it, I bloody wish I did because I can't tell you how much I HATE the brown carpet, curtains and furniture. I could live with the weird shade of cream walls but brown...just why brown?! I could replace all the furnature and curtains but then I'd have to leave them when I eventually move out in to somwhere nicer (hopefully) but alas i've tried to make it as nice as possible!

I think it's good to give a realistic view of how some people live. I read a lot of blogs that have done room tours and they have very lovely rooms with nice white dressers, shelves/storage and lovely bits of nicknack's to store things in! and in truth not everyone can do that when you really can only afford to live a room! (I wont even show you what my living room is like..2 broken "sofas" anyone?"

 I had a very expensive Saturday shopping in Leeds and meeting up with a friend, it's crazy how much toiletries cost when you run out of everything in one go! Today has been a lazy sunday just watching films, Dusk till Dawn, Ocean's 11 and Pacific Rim! It's my birthday this week so i'm very much looking forward to the weekend of celebrations and fun :)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

XFactor Tour

So a friend of mine managed to get free tickets for the XFactor tour in Leeds and I was lucky enough to be the one she invited to go with her! I'll admit now that I didn't watch any of the latest season so I didn't have any idea who most of them where!

We saw them at the first direct arena and had pretty close seats! I thought we had a really good spot, close enough to see all the acts and feel "part" of the show but far enough away that  we could still have a laugh together! I'll be honest and say that I wasn't expecting it to be that good of a night, but I really enjoyed it! All the acts (Sam Bailey, Luke Friend, Nicholas McDonald, Sam Callahan, Tamera Foster, Rough Copy, Hannah Barrett and Abi Alerton) had amazing voices.

My favourites from the night were; Sam Bailey, Abi Alteron ,Tamera Foster and Luke Friend! Luke sung One Directions "what makes you beautiful" to a girl from the audience and it was so cute, he genuinely came across as being lovely and absolutely loving being able to get up and sing. There were nice touches like each act having a few moments to speak to the crowd and say "Hi" and thank us (many times!) from being there and voting for them on the show. Which I thought was a nice touch.

Each act sung songs the crowd could get behind and have a dance too! I have to admit I was up and out of my seat straight away with some numbers! The only thing I can really complain about was the price of drinks/snacks that were on offer at the venue, don't buy anything because it was seriously extortionate! but I guess you have to expect that when they're trying to make money haha.

The night actually made me want to go to some more gigs or see another artists on tour, I've never really been fussed about seeing singers on tour but this night was just so fun I'm reconsidering!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

What I'm wearing, Scribble Hearts

*Topship skirt*Asos top* Primark Heels*
Bare legs alert! When is it okay after winter to start with the short skirts again? cause I really want to wear this out but don't as yet have anything at night to get away with the bare legs! Roll on summer...