Friday, 13 September 2013

Ebay Wish List

I'm still looking for work (this is fast become a horrible joke) but it means that I've taken to being very picky with how I spend my money, I might spend a few hours to so drooling over topshop and ASOS but I sadly can't really afford it on my huge 56.80 a week from the government (I hate having to write that) . So I've been looking at ebay for cheap knock offs or general bargains! these are all currently on my wish list and a lot of them are myself thinking ahead for winter, apart from that sneaky skirt that's managed to find it's way in finger slipped...honest!

1) Parker Jacket, I really really need a new coat, my current one if one I bought from River Island over 6 years ago, it's great but started to look a little worn and it doesn't have a hood! something I curse whenever I get caught in the rain without a brolly!
2) Zara dupe, this is a lovely shade, and I thought it was a bit different from the usual black or white. Does list the colour as orange but on the images it does look more of a dusky pink!
3,5) Charcoal jumper & Green studded Jumper, I only own 2 jumpers...yep a huge amount I know! I've always kind of "winged" it in winter since we never got much snow in Bangor & everything was a 5min walk away where I went to university so I didn't really need lots and lots of jumpers. But  now I'm home I'm in desperate need of some, so I want to start with the basics!
4) Tartan Leggings, I love that everywhere has got tartan items this Autumn, I've already sneakily ordered myself a different pair of tartan leggings but these are another great pair I spotted! So easy to put on with something plain if you've no idea what to wear!
6) Heels, I bet everyones sick of seeing these on blogs but yes I want a pair, simple, lovely and go with everything. PLEASE job fairy get me a job so I can buy some!

There hasn't been any outfit posts as my camera has been out of action, so I'll try get it back to life asap!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

What I'm Wearing

*Top New Look* Skirt River Island*Converse ASOS* Clutch Ebay*
So this is a little different to how I've layed out the other outfits, I had to do it like this mainly because the area I usually use was full of clutter (downstairs table) so I didn't have anywhere clean to put my clothes. Settled on my bedroom floor (after cleaning it!) I wore this on tuesday to go have lunch and then a cinema trip with a friend, lucily it didn't rain otherwise I'd have been screwed without a jacket!

Went to see a lovely little film called The Way Way Back and it was so so so good, if you love indie films which have quirky fun stories with a lot of emotion I'd go for it, if anyone ever seen Adventure Land it had a similar feel to that!

Most exciting thing I've done this week, the job hunt still continues and it's really getting my down lately. I haven't been looking as hard as I should because I'm feeling "what is the point" if I've had no luck these past 3 months. But realistically I can't (and wont) stop, even some temporary work would do right now because I'm SO bored of sitting at home most days. Plus it'd get me out of visiting the dreaded job centre again, ugh.