Thursday, 5 September 2013

What I'm Wearing

*Top New Look* Skirt River Island*Converse ASOS* Clutch Ebay*
So this is a little different to how I've layed out the other outfits, I had to do it like this mainly because the area I usually use was full of clutter (downstairs table) so I didn't have anywhere clean to put my clothes. Settled on my bedroom floor (after cleaning it!) I wore this on tuesday to go have lunch and then a cinema trip with a friend, lucily it didn't rain otherwise I'd have been screwed without a jacket!

Went to see a lovely little film called The Way Way Back and it was so so so good, if you love indie films which have quirky fun stories with a lot of emotion I'd go for it, if anyone ever seen Adventure Land it had a similar feel to that!

Most exciting thing I've done this week, the job hunt still continues and it's really getting my down lately. I haven't been looking as hard as I should because I'm feeling "what is the point" if I've had no luck these past 3 months. But realistically I can't (and wont) stop, even some temporary work would do right now because I'm SO bored of sitting at home most days. Plus it'd get me out of visiting the dreaded job centre again, ugh.

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  1. Really cool look!!!

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    Davie and Erica