Friday, 13 September 2013

Ebay Wish List

I'm still looking for work (this is fast become a horrible joke) but it means that I've taken to being very picky with how I spend my money, I might spend a few hours to so drooling over topshop and ASOS but I sadly can't really afford it on my huge 56.80 a week from the government (I hate having to write that) . So I've been looking at ebay for cheap knock offs or general bargains! these are all currently on my wish list and a lot of them are myself thinking ahead for winter, apart from that sneaky skirt that's managed to find it's way in finger slipped...honest!

1) Parker Jacket, I really really need a new coat, my current one if one I bought from River Island over 6 years ago, it's great but started to look a little worn and it doesn't have a hood! something I curse whenever I get caught in the rain without a brolly!
2) Zara dupe, this is a lovely shade, and I thought it was a bit different from the usual black or white. Does list the colour as orange but on the images it does look more of a dusky pink!
3,5) Charcoal jumper & Green studded Jumper, I only own 2 jumpers...yep a huge amount I know! I've always kind of "winged" it in winter since we never got much snow in Bangor & everything was a 5min walk away where I went to university so I didn't really need lots and lots of jumpers. But  now I'm home I'm in desperate need of some, so I want to start with the basics!
4) Tartan Leggings, I love that everywhere has got tartan items this Autumn, I've already sneakily ordered myself a different pair of tartan leggings but these are another great pair I spotted! So easy to put on with something plain if you've no idea what to wear!
6) Heels, I bet everyones sick of seeing these on blogs but yes I want a pair, simple, lovely and go with everything. PLEASE job fairy get me a job so I can buy some!

There hasn't been any outfit posts as my camera has been out of action, so I'll try get it back to life asap!

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  1. i love that jacket!

    check out my blog, if you have the time?