Monday, 8 July 2013

June Reads

So with being jobless and having a rubbish internet (can't watch any tv :( ) i've taken to reading again. When I was younger I used to whizz through books and really enjoyed it, i've got a little collection one ones I've bought myself and it was something I used to get a lot of enjoyment out of. Then, well I "grew up" and other things became more important, watching the latest ep of a tv show, films, social networking sites all that kind of electronic stuff that takes you away from sitting down and being able to let yourself be absorbed by a good book.

So far I've managed to read 3 books this month, not bad going considering I've not even read 3 in the past 3 years at uni! awful I know! I thought I'd start light and girlie, clearly these books aren't war and peace but it's a nice start to get myself back in to reading for longer chunks of time, as my concentration span has been awful with shiny fast tv shows and apps!

My thoughts on them all

  1. PS, I Love You- Very much a weepy girl book, but I loved it. I'm a sucker for a everlasting love kind of story and this was pretty sweet and cute. The main character is likeable and I was drawn in to the story and eager to find out how it was going to end actually. I can't say much because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but a good read!
  2. A Place Called Home- This was totally not what I was expecting, the book is quite sureal and you'll have to go with the flow and be open to the weird going ons. Honestly, I felt a little let down in the end with the main womans story and felt it was kind of well...pointless. There is another male character whose sub-story is very engaging though and really made me think!
  3. Tenth Circle- This was a slow burn for me, took me ages to really get in to it. Rather a dark book about the after effects of rape, but if you can stick with it and give it a shot it's so good! The book revolves around finding out whether or not the victim is lying about who did it, but there are loads of twists, turns and surprises! really had me gripped. Another nice addiction is a comic strip after each chapter which links in to the main plot as the father of the girl is a comic artist for Marvel! 

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