Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lush Spa

Last week I was lucky enough to manage to get two whole days off work, now that might not seem like a lot to some people but a four day weekend was so welcome have nearly 3 months of getting up at 6am and home at 7! these days are long :( the suckyness of not being able to move out of your parents house eh?

Anyway I thought I'd use my days off wisely, monday was a lazy chill out day at home catching up on my oh so important tv shows and sleep. It was pretty damn good if I do say so myself haha. The second day was a bit more adventureous, me and a friend spent the day in Leeds, Christmas shopping (I love the lego store!), eating at Homemade Burger in the new Trinity shopping centre, seeing the new Hunger Games film and having a treatment in the Lush Spa, which is what my blog post today is going to be about!

I have the "Tailor Made" treatment, firstly we were lead down in to the spa thats under the main shop and greated by thee most friendliest people ever who were going to do our treatments. These two were so lovely and genuinely made us feel really comfortable and like we were chatting to friends!

My friend went for the "Validation" facial and got to step by step which lush products she wanted to use with it. I got shown the ones I could pick for mine one by one so I could really pick which ones I not only liked the smell of but ones which I felt would relax me the most. I was told what each bar could do and then which she thought would be best, I ended up picking Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar and the big Blue bath bomb which was put in a jug of water to create a lovely "by the sea" atmosphere & smell. My tailor made treatment was all about picking the area i'd like to be worked on and I chose my back (the danger of working at a desk-killer back ache).

After I was shown the products that would be used on me I was taken to the treatment room, it was lovely and cosy, candles burning, music playing old sea shanty songs to really set the atmosphere and an amazing heated massage bed. Being my first massage I was totally unsure what to expect but the woman so amazing, told me exactly where she was going to start and what would happen. The massage was great, a combination of pressure points to remove knots and deep massage. The massage bar made my skin so lovely and soft and the smell was amazing.

Afterwards I got to take as long as I liked before coming out in to the litttle reception area, there was a lovely mug of tea and biscuits waiting for me and a table layed out with flowers and cute little bits. I got to sit and drink my tea and really "come back" to reality after being so relaxed, I sat and chatted to my massage woman (don't know what else to call her! lol) and it was a really friendly and I felt like I could take all the time I needed. Then my friend finished her treatment and she was presented which a big jug of fruit an ice drink to complete her treatment. We both got to take home one of the items that was used one us for our treatments, I got the massage bar.

Over all it was such a good afternoon and experience! I can't wait to go back and try another one of their treatments, I totally have my eye on "the comforter" I'd recommend having a day out there if you fancy treating yourself and a friend!

List of treatment and Spa Locations!


  1. i wanna go to spa or have something like that so bad!x

    1. I've been waiting to do something like this for ages, you should totes just go for it and book! so worth it x

  2. It seems like you had such a lovely time.

    1. It was :) totally going to go back! x

  3. Replies
    1. I know it's great! so worth the money! x