Sunday, 4 May 2014

What I'm Wearing, Wee Hearts.

*Boots, River Island*Trousers La Radutte*Top River Island*

I wore this to work the other day, we get to be quite casual in our office so leather look trousers are ok! Because the weathers getting warmer our office has turned in to a furnace and it's becoming harder and harder to dress for work, either to cold on the way in/home or roasting when I'm there! it's a nightmare. Anyone else have this problem?

I love the little chain/heart details on the top, because I'm a lazy jewlerry wears (I just forget to wear what I've got!) it's such a godsend to have it already on the top so I literally can't forget it! haha. Life wise nothing too exciting has happened, I'm house hunting again (so new room pictures when I find a place) because my landlord wants to rent to students :(. Also really trying to get my older sister to book a holiday with me! I need a beach, sun and cocktails in my life, it's been 4yrs since I last had a holiday-way over due!

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  1. The chain is so cute x