Monday, 15 July 2013


Dress £15 from Primark (on Asos)

I really don't suit hats :\

Graduation finally happened this saturday, feels like I've been waiting for it to happen for ages! me and my family drove down the friday night before hand so we could get there in good time for the morning ceremony. I was pretty nervous because I've never been to any graduation before, but it was a lovely day. I was on the front row in a big hall, so I was on stage 7th! which was a bit scary but I got to watch other people go before me, we got called out one by one and had to shake the chancellor and vice chancellors hands, then remain standing after we went back to our seats and they then said something in Welsh before we could sit down, it was all very formal and surreal!
They were filming the ceremony for a DVD which you could buy and being on the front row my face kept appearing on massive screens throughout the whole hour and a half! so hard not to burst out laughing! haha. Also had to look really interested at the not to interesting parts. The hall was boiling and wearing the hats only made it worse, but it was still pretty cool and I'm glad I went. Afterwards we had lunch at a local whetherspoons, nothing fancy but a cold pint was so well received after the stuff hot heat of the hall! Then we went home to change and spent the rest of the day at a beach near Conway in glorious sunshine, it was so relaxing and peaceful. Brilliant way to spend the afternoon, for tea we'd booked a meal out at a curry place called Spicy Vujon-if you're ever in Bangor check it out, it's excellent! Then back to the hotel for a much needed sleep, don't ever realise how much travelling and big events takes it out of you. It was a lovely day and I think it finished off my time in Wales perfectly, sunny, relaxed and slightly proud of myself! Now back to the job hunting task...which is slightly wearing me down :\

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