Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What I'm Wearing

*Topshop T-shirt*H&M Jeggings*Asda pumps*Ebay Necklace* Newlook clutch*
I know the general "rule" for outfit posts is to see people in the outfit but I just feel a bit weird posing (for now) in my outfits, so I thought I could do this instead for a while until I A) find a good photo taking spot, B) get more comfortable with the idea of taking pictures of myself!

A pretty basic outfit as I was going to the cinema to see The Wolverine, didn't want to go see it at first but the showing times for everything else was rubbish so we settled on that! It was okay, personally I'm kind of over Wolverine having his own spin off films as I didn't like the first one and this wasn't much better. I do love the X-Men films as a whole though!

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