Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Whats in my Bag?

I personally love being nosey about what people have in their bags, probably one of my favourite things to look at on other peoples blogs so I thought I'd done one myself! My bags relatively new, I bought it around March after the one I was using completely gave up on me (broken straps and all) I'm not really a big lover of day bags- I love a good clutch though! So I bought fairly cheap on from Newlook that's big enough to fit whatever I want in. Though I rarely carry more than my phone, keys and purse with me! I guess I'm just not that attached to handbag stuff! haha

  • My Purse, Kind of speaks for itself about whats it's in there for! I don't have any store cards/credit cards. It simply contains my railcard, debit card, provisional driving license and of course money! 
  • So....? Sinful, Another easy one to explain especially since we've had lots of nice weather resently, just hand to have about if I want to freshen up!
  • Plasters, I don't know about everyone else but I always go out in shoes that rub me, I own maybe one pair of shoes that don't give me blisters (ew) so I've learnt to keep a small supply handy!
  • Book, because I still get about on the peasant wagon aka Bus I spend a lot of my time hanging about bus stops looking like I have no friends, so I generally carry a book about with me. I get a few funny looks, I like to think it's because people wonder why I don't have an Ipad or Kindle! rare to see a real life book these days ;) I also wanted to start reading more after uni so this was a good way to fit it in to my day to day life!
  • Jobseekers appointment card, this evil booklet just stays at the bottom of my bag, basically have to show it whenever my sign on day is. I hope to get rid of it soon (someone employ me please!)
  • Keys, Pretty self explanatory but I like to buy keyrings so I've got more key rings than keys on it, there's also a cool bottle opener from a cracker which has come in handy many times when I've been out!
  • Phone, I'd die if I lost or broke my phone, I'm not constantly on it and I don't even have a data bundle which lets me use the internet when I'm not connected to free wifi but I love it simply for keeping in touch with people. I'll always reply to texts!
  • Bits and Bobs, just lip stuff, hair bobble and a pen. The kind of every day boring stuff that everyone seems to collect in the bottom of coat pockets and bags!
Hope people found that interesting enough, not very exciting I guess! but there you go. Maybe when I do this post again I'll have invested in cool gadgets...or a just got a different book ;) 


  1. Really nice post :)
    my bag is full of tickets and i don't know why asd
    btw i love your blog, i follow you ;)

    1. Thanks :) haha I think every one has that problem, I hide my in my purse ;) x

  2. Great post. My bag is so full of junk, receipts, a lot of pens and pencils, post it notes, etc etc etc. Your bag seems so neat, i know, i love whats in my bag posts and videos too it's so fun to see what people carry in their bags xoxo

    1. Thank you! :) haha it's really not so neat when I'm digging about trying to find stuff in it! I hid my receipts in my one will ever know ;) xx

  3. Love love love these posts! Gorgoeus bag!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend xoxo

    1. Thank you! :) hope this bag lasts as long as my old one, so good when you find a good every day bag! :) x